Jazz Fusion

It is a class that combines all types of jazz, which allows you to improvise, let go of your imagination and capture the most interesting ideas in the dance. Improvisation is one of the main features of jazz. It allows this kind of dance to remain modern, reflecting the latest trends in life and art.


Jazz Modern dance has an interesting history of origin. Appeared in the late NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century simultaneously in the united States and also in Germany. It is due to the fact that back then the dancers had to follow the traditional ballet canons, but the development of choreography could no longer be stopped and modern jazz became the symbol of the beginning of a new era of dance. Jazz-modern is a harmonious union of rhythmic music, flexibility and improvised sensual movements. Mastery of Jazz-modern classes requires complete emotional and physical performance. They are always interesting and also fill the body and soul with incredible and moving feelings.

The founder of this style was the lovely American Isadora Duncan, Sergei Yesenin's wife. She was the first to teach free dance on the great stage.

Blues Jazz

It's a more flexible version of jazz dance. Its particularity is the apparent independence of the body parts. The performance of this dance requires great skill and long and persistent training. The dancer's movements are made with ease and clarity, and the viewer does not think that this refined technique is preceded by years and years of hard work.

Broadway Jazz

The development of American jazz dance followed the path of its theatricalization. The famous Broadway musical productions created a new genre of theatrical art and dance art. Jazz dance became an integral part of the famous performances and resulted in the emergence of its new variety, Broadway jazz.

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