How to make the next holiday unforgettable for a child?


These are the words with which every child begins the summer! After all, they want their summer to be special and unique! 

How to make the next holiday unforgettable for a child? 

We have dared to organize a unique and a very special holiday during the next summer that is ideal for every girl and boy who wants to spend it with us! 
The MultiDance team has organized and continues to work to outline the details of a summer program, but wait, wait..! In the summer of 2019, MultiDance dance school- studio carries out a unique experience for the first time!
We have organized a program for children and teenagers in Bulgaria! A dance camp full of new experiences where every child will be able to immerse themselves in knowledge and explore an unknown country with it expanding their cultural knowledge and mental horizons!
The camp will be held in the city of Kiten at the Park Hotel Residence Kiten Green Park which was opened after a complete renovation in 2019!
The hotel has beautiful rooms, free buffet with a variety of meals. A bounded Beach area for our students only, swimming pool (25 m with roads), free wifi access.

If your child is between 8 and 17 years old.
- If you like active and fun leisure and you want your child to make new friends.
- If you want your child's summer vacation to be bright full of healthy and positive emotions.
- If you want your child to have a maximum and safe vacation.

REST IN DANCING! - This is the motto of the summer program MULTIDANCE!

Why dancing?
The dance is absolutely incredible, a combination of art, active sport and a healthy lifestyle. Development of the artistic capacity to bring out the art that each child has inside, development of creativity. The ability to move in the tone of the music, mastering the body perfectly to move it harmoniously is a very useful skill that accompanied the child for life. It also helps them to free and unload emotions by understanding and assimilating them much better, it helps adolescents manage their emotions better through a positive understanding of them, this leads them to gain self-confidence, getting rid of shyness and developing qualities of determination and leadership. 

Throughout the camp they will be accompanied on this learning journey by the best teachers of the school – studio MULTIDANCE in the most modern dance styles:
- CommercialStyle and NewStyle with teacher Tanya Carp.
- Acrobatics and Hip Hop with Professor Yanko Stankov school.
- Contemporary dance, free dance, expression of emotions with Maria Jose Jimenez.
- Jazz and VideoClipDance with our professor Valentina Gurova.
The summer camp schedule will be varied every day. Intensive classes are held with experienced teachers, creation and taking part in shows, video filming and many other activities we are working on!

Apart from the dance, children will have fun and relaxing activities such as beach animation by the sea, sports activities in the green areas by the pool, tennis and football courts, beauty contests, theatrical performances, theme parties. 

The summer camp in Bulgaria is an opportunity to diversify creativity. 

Over the 14 days our students will be able to relax completely while developing their creative skills.
During the day, each participant of the MultiDance program attends mandatory group classes on stage and street dances, as well as additional master classes on stretching, acting, improvisation techniques. 

At the same time, there are individual classes with the choreographers of the project on the production of concert performance.
The program is destined for intensive and regular classes, so the future participant must be mentally prepared for physical effort, even if it always opens up play and fun! At the end of the day, our participants will be satisfied with their performance. At the end of the program we will perform a concert with the participation of the teachers. At the final gala, prizes and commemorative gifts will be given to all students who have participated in the camp!

MULTIDANCE SUMMER CAMP gives the opportunity to each student in perfection not just in his favorite dance style, but also to discover and master the basic concepts of other styles possibly unknown!

Benefits of participation in the summer MultiDance camp with us:
- Feeling more psychologically and physically liberated.
- Meet the main choreographers and teachers. 
- Meet new friends and related people in the group.
- To touch different branches of artistic activities.
- Expand their cultural horizons.
- Learn everything new like relax and disconnect from everything already known.
The warm sea, the sun and the starry sky make the program even brighter!

Register now! What are you waiting for?!

Location: the park-hotel is located in 65 km south of the city of Burgas, in Kiten on the seashore. The territory is fenced, guarded. 

Accommodation: rooms with 3-4 single beds with all the comforts in the room such as beds, nightlight, wardrobe, table, mini-fridge, chairs, a mirror, bathroom shower cabin.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner in free buffet.
The territory: shop, cafeteria, Medical Center, two outdoor pools (one measuring 25 m long), Hall of 100 m with mirrors and parquet, Theatre.

Price includes:
- Air flight.
- Accommodation in selected room.
– Airport-hotel transfer both on the way and back.
- Meals 3 times free buffet with refreshments.
- MultiDance training and entertainment program.
- Participation in the gala at the end of the program with gifts and surprises.
- Videos and photos made by a professional team.
- Official MultiDance school T-shirts!