We offer you 5 great movies that you are ready to watch many times.

if you have long planned to do dancing, but you did not have the courage and motivation, then watching one or more films of the corresponding genre can help. Moment for yourself, a cosy comfortable chair and a film about dancing – for many it was the initial stage in the conquest of the scene.

We offer you 5 great movies that the viewer is ready to watch many times.

1. "Saturday night fever." In the center of the plot is a guy from Brooklyn, played by j. Travolta. He got bored of working in a paint shop, and every Saturday he lights in the club "2001". His dream is to win the dance competition. The situation is developing rapidly, in the best traditions of dance films.

2. "Disco dancer". The famous musical motif about the boy "Jimmy" is from this film. This film caused an unprecedented excitement in theaters. However, it's still is a benchmark of Indian dance movie.

3. «Dirty dancing.» P. Swayze and curly J. Grey conquered the hearts of women all over the world with their unfettered dances. The final song of the film, which was initially considered unsuccessful, received an Oscar and other awards. And the film itself has become a cult worldwide.

4. "Dances without rules". B. Luhrman's debut with a kaleidoscope of street rebels created a real masterpiece of dance cinema, which was oriented by many modern Directors. Unforgettable atmosphere of crazy dancing on the streets of ordinary driving the viewer crazy. Perhaps this film will be the first impetus for going to the dance hall.

5. "Shall we dance?". Quite unexpectedly in 5th place there is a movie from the United States. It tells about an employee of a large company who has a great desire to dance. A full family life (wife, daughter, big house) suits him quite well, but a mysterious stranger at the dance school makes him stop one day and sign up for group dances. From that moment his life changed radically.

Watch at least a few of these films, and the desire to dance will appear exactly. But the right motivation - that's half the battle.