Why choose MULTIDANCE?

15 reasons to choose MultiDance Dance School

We like it, we choose and we stay in Multidance because:

1. "MultiDance –  the team of professionals. All united by the same goals: sharing knowledge from love, joy and enjoyment. 

2. We don't have clients, just friends. Once stepped on "MultiDance" - you become forever a part of our family.

3. Our teachers and choreographers are unique. We have the best teachers in Europe! Why go somewhere? "MultiDance" will bring professionals directly to the School.

4. The learning process at any stage is simple and easy. Learn with us – you'll see it's really easy!

5. Flexible discount system for excellent quality training.

6. We trust that the success of our school is in the hands of our experienced teachers with more than 8 years of experience in both teaching and professional dancers.

7. We do not place age restrictions, it is possible to learn to dance in our school from 3 years old to the most advanced ages!

8. The school has excellent bright halls with professional equipment, changing rooms and a bathroom.

9. Excellent location of the studio! It is located in the center of Barcelona, close to metro stations, trains and buses.

10. Kind teachers and administrators are ready to help you in any situation.

11. All MultiDance students are constantly growing and learning from the beginning of the course to the end without stopping to develop!

12. Great variety of dance styles which you can discover with us!

13. You'll have a chance to feel happy keeping you in shape, developing coordination as the sense of rhythm.

14. Opportunity to participate in different exhibitions, performances and events by joining us!

15. Opportunity to join the competition group to show everything you've learned!