Moisés Gordo Gómez


Moisés Gordo Gómez, known in the dance world as” Moe", begins self-taught at Bboying (Breakdance) since 2003.
Since 2009, living in Salamanca, is formed in contemporary dance, with basic knowledge of other dances urban or afrolatinos. Choreographer of numerous shows and shows, highlights as the first group the Cia “Break Da Clave”. Establish themselves in Barcelona in 2013, is one of the co-founders of the collective dance “Iron Skulls Co”, with which he obtained numerous achievements at the international level, apart from being one of the leading companies at european level investigating the Urban Dances Contemporary.

He has participated as a guest in international competitions such as” DoyoBee “in Salzburg (Austria) and offers full courses and workshops, such as the” Get Fresh 3 " event in Timisoara, Romania, which he also attends as a jury. In addition, it has organized international Hiphop festivals “Top 30’ Spain” in Cáceres, Sponsored by the Government of Extremadura and brands such as Coca Cola or Eastpak.