Tanya Carp

Tanya Carp is a versatile professional dancer, although she specializes in urban dances.

She has studied in the best national schools such as "TriubuUrbana Center" and international schools like "Estudio Harmonic" (Paris), "The Edge", "Millenium Dance Complex", and "Debbie Reynolds" (Los Angeles). She continuously improves the level of her skills by attending various workshops held by international professionals such as Shaun Evaristo, Rie Hata, Lyle Beniga, Brian Puspos, Flaminia Genoese, etc.


At a professional level, she has won the Nike Rockstar Workout Championship in 2006. Image of Nike woman Shootings and Spots in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Reykjavik, Los Angeles in 2008-2013.

Semifinalist of the reality show Fama Revolution of Zeppelin TV 2010 where she worked with national singers such as Miguel Bosé, Soraya, Antonio Orozco, Merche, Salmah, and international singers such as Oceana, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Juanes, Alexia Dixon, Stromae, Jason Derulo, and Luis Fonsi.

Dancer and choreographer of multiple events, international advertising brands (La Daurada Beach Club, Wii, Coca-Cola, Evax, Bacardi Limon, Ron Barcelo, Nike ... etc.), a full-length movie “Tengo ganas de ti”.

Dancer of the Tour of Ibiza in China, Beijing 2018 in the AMGLIVE concert hall.

She has been a participant in several dance events "Chief Rockers" that specialize in urban dances (Barcelona). Champions of Spain absolute category 2006 and professional 2007.

Dancer of the company Lokomamia (Madrid), a fusion of and contemporary dance.

Dancer of the event OM RASA directed by Arias Fernández.

Hip-hop, New Style, and Street dance teacher in multiple national schools. Barcelona (Mar Estudi de Dansa, Lina Corredor, DanceesCool, Boogie Town, Flowcenter Vilanova), Madrid (Eda, El horno ..., etc.), Logroño (Escuela López infante).